Monday, April 5, 2010

Where have I heard this one before?

Well, it turned out that Sophia from Finland was a hoax, but perhaps Samantha 워로리에카 from Canada is legit.

Samantha, the unmarried kushibo extends his offer to Sophia to you as well: If you can (a) speak Korean well enough, say, to get around Seoul on your own and (b) hold an intelligent conversation (in English) about, say, how Korea can reverse its low fertility trend or what South Korea can do to mitigate the humanitarian crisis in North Korea, I'll marry you. And I come with my own apartment. So how does Mrs Spot Miller sound?

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  1. Well, I dunno, like I just said on Korea Beat, I find it highly unusual that a Google search for her name turns up nothing but the KB post. In this day and age a Google search for everyone turns up at least something: a high school team, a college assignment, a Dean's List mention, some place s/he signed up for something, a Facebook or Twitter page, etc. And in Korea, schools and recruiters often use our names on their sites, with and without our consent, so again, that nothing turns up for her makes me think it's either an alias or a fabrication.


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