Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chrysler joins Ford in opposing free trade agreement with South Korea

On the heels of Ford's very public effort to block the KORUS FTA, and with some sort of agreement possibly coming in the next few days so that ROK President Lee Myungbak and US President Barack Obama can shake hands on it, Chrysler has voiced its opposition.

From the Detroit Free Press:
In a statement, the Auburn Hills carmaker – which is owned by Italian automaker Fiat, the U.S. government, and a health benefit plan created by the company and the UAW – said while the company “has supported every free trade agreement” the government has negotiated it can’t support this one “in its current form.”
The article doesn't give any of Chrysler's reasons, but we can assume that they are similar to Ford's. General Motors, meanwhile, owns one of South Korea's main automakers, so they aren't likely to complain.

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  1. Chrysler is owned by Fiat who has a vendetta against the Korean FTA... both with the U.S. and European versions.


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