Thursday, November 11, 2010

A fun little conspiracy theory centered around The Simpsons

Well, fun or alarming, depending on how seriously you take this.

I found this here, and I am putting this up solely because I love The Simpsons and I am tickled by this odd merger of the show with real-world events (after 9/11, the 1997 episode centered around the World Trade Center was heavily discussed at the Simpsons list I have moderated for most of the last decade), and the notion that some writer(s) on the show is warning people about false-flag attacks.

No, I'm not one to go in for conspiracy theories and I believe there is so much television out there that there are bound to be some coincidences. And terrorists thinking up new and innovative ways to shock the world might easily be thinking along the same lines — and about the same high-profile targets — as Hollywood writers who think up disaster films.

Nevertheless, these coincidences are just plain eerie. Now eerie doesn't mean there's some there there. It could just be eerie. Our neighbor back in Compton was eerie, but he wasn't the axe murderer that we kids had feared he was. (Petey was the most convinced. But after he decided to confront Old Man Beckman that one January evening, Petey must have been so embarrassed about how wrong he was that he never showed his face again. Just disappeared, that's how embarrassed he was. Hey, wait a minute...)

If they had just left it at the 9/11 stuff, I might have been a little more shaken by this, but the program that showed signs of Hurricane Katrina months before it happened... if they're trying to suggest the guvmint had something to do with it, well that has crossed the line into the fantastical. Coincidence.

But I will note that after the 9/11 attacks, Fox decided to permanently pull the World Trade Center episode of The Simpsons (as well as censor the one where the Backstreet Boys save it from a terror attack N Sync try to save Mad Magazine headquarters, which looks kinda like the WTC, from a non-terror attack... thanks to television, I can't remember what happened eight minutes ago). It seemed odd to us Simpsons fans, who thought the episode would be an appropriate homage.

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