Monday, November 15, 2010

Korean actress Park Hyesang commits suicide

The epidemic continues.

It's too depressingly frustrating to rehash my thoughts on the string of celebrity suicides and their normative effect on suicide in general in South Korea, so I'll just direct you here and here.


  1. She is a beautiful woman and there has to be something seriously wrong in a society when those of a higher social status commit suicide to the degree it seems to happen in S. Korea.

  2. Sunday, March 8, 2009
    A veritable epidemic

    Comments Section:

    Kushibo – “I don't hold out much hope, though, because a lot of people might feel they are defaming her memory by talking of the mental illness (to me, a healthy person willingly offing themselves is, by definition, a sign of some form of mental illness).”

    If by "mental illness", you are refering to some acute onset, then I would agree. If you are refering to a chronic illness, then I have to strongly disagree.

    A seemingly normal, mentally stable individual could have one or more events happen to them, leading to thoughts and/or actual suicide. In the same way a normal individual could carry out an extreme act of violence due to "temporary insanity". All humans have the potential to carry out such acts and for the mentally stable, it's only in extreme circumstances that they are carried out.

  3. Extremely disappointed to hear about this. I also thought it was strange that they cremated her body after only 2 days. Did they finish the autopsy? Do they usually cremate people that quickly?


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