Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scantily clad PETA protestors arrested at G20

Maybe I'll reconsider my codpiece protest:
Police detained two scantily clad female animal rights activists for staging an unauthorized protest near the Group of 20 summit in South Korea's capital, a police officer said Tuesday.

The activists - wearing shorts and bras and painted from head to toe to resemble planet Earth - jumped out of a black van near the venue Tuesday and held signs promoting vegetarianism.

Police officers quickly threw blankets over the women and escorted them into a police vehicle. [AP via WaPo]
That sounds supsiciously like the cops looking for a pretext to get two half naked women in their car. (Korean cops dream of things like this. Seriously, in Seoul you see cops dreaming all the time!)

Anyway, I'm disappointed that Ms Ashley Fruno and Ms Han Saemi didn't get more, well, down-to-earth with their protest attire. Shorts and a bra... phht! This is Hawaii; I can open my door and see more skin.

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