Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kvetchpat of the day

Although Prestige Korea had an unexpectedly interesting fauxnterview with "ajeossi" — ajŏshi! — about the sex trade in South Korea, I have to slap a "Kvetchpat of the Day" (of the Week? of the Month? I forgot what it's supposed to be) label on one of the other posts at his site:
I’m going to a nearby Familymart to pick up a few canned coffees. Outside the Familymart there are three big White girls sitting at a plastic table and smoking. I don’t have any big White girl acquaintances, and I’ve never had any big White girlfriends, but I live around here, and so do they. We are all foreigners, so I say “hello”, to which they respond by just staring at me, and sucking hard on their cancer sticks.

It’s funny because in my own country, if I said “hi” to a neighbor, they’d greet me in return. Some foreigners I greet in Korea look at me like I just absolutely ruined their otherwise excellent day by bothering to acknowledge them. I’ve pissed all over their parade.

The only time I’ve ever gotten a “hello” in return is when I’ve greeted other White males. I guess the prison mentality applies in Korea as well. Stick with your own kind, don’t talk to others. Sad place, miserable people.
I'm not really sure if this is meant to be parody (I've visited the site just a few times), so on the off chance it is, the award goes to anyone who actually thinks like this (and takes the time to grouse about it... since that's the kvetching part).

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