Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's viral, and that means we're powerless to stop it

Best... football play... ever!


  1. So the QB distracted the D-line by portraying miscommunication with his coach, the center initiates the start of the play by just handing the ball to the QB (there is no rule that states any verbal "communication" has to accompany the snap of the ball) and the QB just walks forward, playing unaware, until he felt free enough to take off.

    It's a great play for it's respective level, but it would never happen at the collegiate or professional level. Aren't D-linemen taught and trained to focus on the movement of the ball and or the initial movement of the O-linemen? The O-lineman in the video did not flinch, which might have been a great selling point for the play.

  2. Obviously, you haven't seen much football.

    Comic Book Guy stands by his flippant remark.

  3. (Thanks for that, though, John. Since the Rams left Orange County and the Raiders left L.A., I've nearly completely stopped watching NFL football, but I'm always a sucker for great, clever, or highly improbably plays.)

  4. Before I got DishNetwork/DirecTV, the Rams and Raiders leaving the L.A. market was the best thing that could happen for me and many other transplants to lala land as I could then actually see some decent teams playing each Sunday. As it looks like I will soon be back in L.A./Marina Del Rey, I won't give a damn whether or not the Southland gets its own new team or a transplanted Jacksonville team thanks to the benefits of satellite TV.


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