Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two ROK civilians killed in North Korean attack on Yŏnpyŏng-do

It's in Korean, but it's here:
북한군의 해안포 포격으로 민간인 두명이 숨진 것으로 알려졌다.

연평도 현장 응급 복구 작업을 벌이고 있는군 관 합동조사단은 오늘 오후 3시반쯤 연평도내 한 공사장에서 시신 2구를 수습했다고 밝혔다.

공사장에서 발견된 시신들은 연평도 현지 주민은 아니고 공사장 인부들인 것으로 전해지고 있다.

합동조사단은 이들이 북한군의 해안포 사격으로 숨진 것으로 보고 자세한 사망 원인을 조사하고 있다.
I'm still looking for this news in English.

This brings the total deaths up to four. It was bad enough when two military personnel were killed, but civilian deaths exacerbate things even further. [HT to milton]

Meanwhile, "M" from Japan told me that, from what she's been reading online, a lot of people worry that Japan might be the next target in North Korea's escalation. Now that North Korea has attacked South Korean civilians and killed a couple of them, I don't think an attack on a Japanese target is so implausible, especially considering the belligerence the KCNA still reserves for Japan. And let's not forget that North Korea did, after, fly a missile over Japanese airspace.

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