Thursday, April 1, 2010

Korea public health reader (April 1, 2010 edition)

  • India's own problem with suicides.


  1. in my experience, the dirtier a restaurant is, the better the food will be. damn the man.

  2. Yeah, in Korea and in Japan I've seen something like that: a hole-in-the-wall place might have some really great food.

    The best noodle place I've ever eaten at was some rundown dive in Kyoto, while here in Honolulu the best Hawaiian food is a place called Ono's where the owner doesn't know the meaning of refurbish.

    In Korea, I think a corollary is that the farther outside of town a place is, the better (if it's in the middle of nowhere).

    Still, I don't like the idea of having to play Russian roulette when I go eat. Sure, if the food poisoning I get, if it doesn't kill me, will make me stronger, but it might kill me.


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