Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Kor for December 22, 2009:
National Haiku Day

In honor of today being National Haiku Day (in the US that is; every day is Haiku Day in Japan), all of today's stories will be presented in haiku. I apologize in advance if it appears I'm treating any of the following stories in a glib manner, but this is a plan I hatched around Thanksgiving, and I'm writing this intro on November 28 without any idea what December 22's news stories would be, and I'm sticking to it no matter what.

Weapons to Iran?
Tehran insists it's not true!
What a conundrum
(Reuters, UPI)

To the NLL
sails the dauntless ROK* Navy
Defend it, they shall
(AFP, People's Daily)
* pronounced "rock" for that perfect 5-7-5 structure

Violent iPhone apps
South Korea says "let's rate!"
But Apple is coy
(Korea Herald)

North Korea's foe
super tuberculosis
vanquished by the South

Seven from the North
come in a rickety boat
perhaps they're safe now

Morning Calm travelers
congregate as eight million
lots of tourist bucks
(Xinhua, Yonhap)

Nuclear slyness
The IAEA cares not
for this is the South
(Asia Times op-ed)

We survived oh-nine
But in the future looms doom
A crisis in '10?

Look up to the sky
Next year another space launch
may be in the cards

The summit may fail
for Lee Myungbak remembers
those held since the war

The dollar gains strength
and the won further weakens
Kushibo is pissed

Military lines
improved and renovated
to help North and South
(CNBC, Yonhap)

A difficult task
writing all news in haiku
I'm sick of this now


  1. Well done, sir. I enjoy your comments on events daily, but this was a nice change of pace.

  2. Well, thank you. I enjoyed doing this, but like that other major holiday that's December twenty-something, this is something I glad I have to do only once a year.


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