Monday, December 28, 2009

Daily Kor no more

Well, for a few days at least. I'm traveling through a part of America where wifi is not available, and trawling for news using this iPhone would take five times as long.

So pretend you're in North Korea, where the absence of a comprehensive source of reliable news would be normal.

Things will be back to normal in a few days, or next week at the latest.

This succinct email was sent from my iPhone.


  1. so that means u can't delete this inappropriate comment!


  2. Oh, I could remove it. But it's harder to do with the iPhone and it would just tick me off more.

    Putting together the daily news roundup is something I do for fun (I'm a news junkie), to force myself to comprehensively look at the news every day (I'm a Koreans Studies academic, after all), and to add something of substance and usefulness to my blog on a regular basis, but the fact is that it takes some time, even if I've got the process down to an art.

    It already takes thirty minutes to an hour to do if I'm on one of my Macs, but on an iPhone (or any smart phone), it would be quite difficult -- and extremely time-consuming -- with all the cutting and pasting.

    But just like this, I can leave as long a comment as I'm willing to type out with one finger.

  3. As my parents would say... Does the iPhone put food on the table too?.. ;)

  4. It hasn't put food on the table — yet. But it has put coffee in my hand.


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