Thursday, December 24, 2009

Daily Kor for December 24, 2009

If Santa Claus can plan his escape from the North Pole, why not North Korean loggers working in Siberia? Meanwhile, we have yet another possible country destined to receive North Korea weapons: Sri Lanka. It might be easier to start making a list of countries not thought to be receiving them. Did I already say that? I'm tired. Too much Christmas shopping. Roads are bad in Southern California: Californians with their SUVs glued to their ass all competing for a handful of parking spaces. It'll all be over tomorrow (it's still the 23rd here). Merry Christmas, everyone!
  1. South Korean authorities acknowledge that about one dozen North Korean loggers working in grim conditions in Russia have defected (Straits Times)
  2. South Korean authorities clear way for both LG and Samsung to set up flat display plants in China (WSJ, Reuters)
  3. Thai authorities now believe North Korean weapons shipment was headed for Sri Lanka (AP via WaPo)
  4. Hyundai Motor union accepts wage deal (Reuters)
  5. CJ O Shopping to buy 55.2% stake in ON* Media Corp, making it a dominant player in cable TV (BloombergWSJ)
  6. Justice Ministry vows tougher punishment for election law violators (Donga Ilbo)
    • Government announces plans to step up scrutiny of government officials and heads of public corporations (Korea Herald)
  7. Voice of America quotes a UN official who says that North Korea sold 3400 tons of weapons to Congolese insurgents (Chosun Ilbo)
  8. North Pole announces end to policy of one-sided gift-giving; says children will continue to behave badly unless there is reciprocity and accountability (AP via NYT)

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  1. Well... IF the Nork weapons were being sold to a legitimate government and not a terrorist group or a shaddy insurgency group, count me as one that doesn't see any problem with that.

    All kinds of governments sell weapons to other states, including the U.S. and South Korea.


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