Friday, December 11, 2009

Loose change for December 11, 2009

 Economic news 
  • Yonhap gives the gist of economic outlook for 2009 and 2010. 
  • The Korean government, the Korea Times reports, is looking for ways to strengthen the domestic market so as to be less reliant on exports to increasingly volatile markets.
  • IBM announces the launch of the "IBM Business Park," billed as a green data center, in Songdo International City.
  • Street vendors in Seoul forced to use standardized cart sizes or quit.
  • At 29.44 million won per pyong [평, p'yŏng], Kangnam-gu Ward has the most expensive apartments in Seoul, while Yŏnch'ŏn-gun County in Kyŏnggi-do Province [경기도 연천군] has the cheapest at 3.27 million won per pyong. Seoul is 25.49 million won/pyong. It's interesting to note that the Chosun Ilbo article went out of its way not to mention the word "pyong," which was outlawed along with other traditional but common measures. Instead, the prices were listed as "per 3.3 square meters."
 North Korea news and stuff 
 Other Korea-related stuff 

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