Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Speak English!" at the white sale

So I'm out shopping in Nevada suburbia, in a department store, talking to the Los Angeles branch of my Korean bank, in Korean but not terribly loudly (no louder than in English), when some middle-aged guy walking by growls, "Speak English!"

I guess that's what we could expect st s white sale.


  1. is there a better way to say 'kill whitey' than 백인을 죽여라?

  2. Looks like Kushibo's posting using that iPhone keyboard. Love the typos! Check out Dragon Dictate in the App Store -- it's free and works like a charm!

    Oh, and Speak English, Damn You.

  3. Whoops! I'm surprised that my iPhone's spell check features didn't catch those.

    And I must admit that the tail end of that post was being typed while waiting for the light to change at a few stops. Blogspot is set up such that I can send an email to a prearranged address (which is a piece of cake on an iPhone) and it automatically turns into a post. Of course, that makes for some sloppy posting on my part sometimes.

    And thanks for the suggestion about Dragon. I had no idea there was a free app.


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