Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daily Kor for December 26, 2009

Another quick-and-dirty edition. It is, after all, a holiday over here in America. It's that wonderful day where family comes together and rips open presents, not that day where people wear funny hats and eat ice cream cakes.
  1. At least 17 people are killed in India after collapse of bridge constructed by Hyundai Engineering and local firm (AFP)
    • Hyundai plans to sue Gammon India over collapse (Yonhap)
  2. ROK President Lee Myungbak travels to United Arab Emirates in push to win major nuclear power plant construction contract (Reuters, WSJ)
  3. Korean-American human rights activist crosses into North Korea carrying God's message (links here)
  4. Citing negative influence on future-oriented relations, ROK foreign minister summons Japan's ambassador to South Korea to protest Tokyo's new education guidelines regarding Japanese territorial disputes (Xinhua)
  5. Ukraine denies links to plane full of North Korean arms forced down in Thailand (RIA Novosti)
  6. Korean national soccer team coach believes Ahn Junghwan will play in World Cup (ESPN)
  7. American arrested for assault in London in tragic misinterpretation of Boxing Day (Reuters)

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