Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why Incheon Int'l Airport rocks

... and Honolulu does not.


  1. At Chicago's O'Hare it's $5 for the first 15 minutes, $0.33 for each minute after that. Way to keep sucking, guys.

  2. I flew into, and out of, Austin on my recent vacation and was pleased to discover first-hand that Google had provided free internet service for the plethora of holy days from before Thanksgiving until well into the New Year at many secondary airports across the U.S. It just sucked that I spent most of my layover in San Francisco which is most definitely a "Grinch" this time of year--not only for no free wifi, but for the most expensive Burger King burgers on the planet.

    Incheon rocks in many ways, the best being the very reasonable amount of time it takes to clear Immigration and Customs. Since I arrived so early in Austin for my international flight, TSA decided to thoroughly go through my baggage. At least nothing was missing and they left some notices regarding their need to sloppily search through and not repack some gifts I was bringing back.


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