Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift of the megi

She sleeps with the fishes.

Also from today's KCNA, North Korean catfish are delicious. They are called megi (메기) in Korean, and the Chosŏnŏ-language article is here.

Along with rampant corruption, chronic underdevelopment, an intractable meth problem, the occasional South Korean factory, and being on the losing side in a bloody civil war, just more evidence that the Korean North is a lot like the American South.

In this week's episode of Heroes, Hiro catches a 20-kilogram catfish.

Y'know, doing an image search for megi was kinda fun. And mostly family-friendly. Even the ones that are of Maggie Q.

There are loads of pics of people posing with monstrously large catfish, interspersed with the most godawful ugly fish you ever saw. This is extreme fish, to be sure.

One of Lost Nomad's buddies?
I said the images were mostly family-friendly.

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  1. Seriously, that man in the last picture... why does he not have pants?


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