Thursday, November 4, 2010

iheartblueballs on the "myth" of cutting taxes to increase revenues

iheartblueballs apparently hates my guts, but God bless the guy for really doing his homework and laying out some thoughtful (if expletive-ridden) essays on issues near and dear to this left-of-center Democratic voter.

Case in point, about the claims made mentioned in the above title:
So confident, so condescending, and so embarrassingly fucking wrong. I always have a good chuckle whenever I hear conservatives repeat this myth — and they repeat it a lot — because they inevitably fail to provide any statistical data to prove it. They’ll offer JFK quotes or isolated data from a few year period.

The reason for this is actually very simple. There is no comprehensive statistical data to prove that tax cuts increase revenues. In fact, all available data points in the opposite direction.
He then links to a worthwhile National Review article on the subject, while adding his own relevant points. He ends with this snarky attack on the true-believer conservatives who now have the reins of power in the House of Representatives:
I’ll go ahead and make a prediction: Plenty of conservatives who believe this myth will read the article I linked to, and because it’s in the NR they’ll have a hard time claiming bias or writing it off as liberal. And then they’ll go about ignoring it because it doesn’t fit the myth they’ve held so dear for so long. They’ll probably hit the google and search for some definitive data supporting their mythical claim, but they won’t find any, because there isn’t any.

None of this will matter. The myth will continue to perpetuate, because Rush repeats it, and Hannity repeats it, and all kinds of ignorant conservative politicians keep repeating it over and over and over until all the dupes are sold.

And hey, let’s not pretend the dupes actually care about statistical data or proof. They want to believe and they want to be sold, and that makes the selling all that much easier.
Sugo haessŏyo, IHBB. I just wish you'd change your ballsy avatar so I can read your comments while out in public.


  1. Not on track, but NHK is today Friday showing videos of recent collision of Chinese fishing vessel with Japanese ships. Apparently the videos are circulating in cyberspace. Pretty clear who is at fault...

  2. Do you have a link to that? I tried to find something in the Japanese media, but what I found didn't really show much of anything (not a difference in interpretation; I don't think it was the right video).


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