Saturday, September 26, 2009

Face of the Day

Inspired by this regular feature at Korea Beat, here is my "Face of the Day":

Lee Sunok, who has been chosen to be one of ninety-eight elderly South Koreans who will participate in upcoming "family reunions" with their relatives in North Korea, weeps during a phone interview about her upcoming meeting with relatives she has not seen since the Korean War half a century ago. According to the Associated Press (via WaPo), Lee Sun-ok fled from North Korea to the South to escape chaotic fighting as UN forces were forced to retreat, boarding a ship along with thousands of other people in December 1950.

An updated story is found here.

Face-of-the-day runner-up:

A South Korean man who will also participate in the family reunions gets a check-up in Sokcho. The last thing we want is to spread H1N1 "swine flu" to the North Koreans.


  1. Damn the Nork regime to hell for the anguish they've caused these people.

  2. When they first started doing these about ten years, ago, I asked 먼 할머니, then in her late 80s, if she wanted me to register her name, just in case some of her family from Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, were there trying to meet her.

    I knew that her brothers and father, all Protestant clergy, had been summarily executed by the Communists, so her deadpan answer was no surprise: "No need. They're all dead."

    Her reunion came later.

  3. u might wanna seek out faces that have undergone plastic surgery

  4. Well, if one such photo presents itself as a good topic, I'll do that.

    (I'm assuming you're saying that faces that have undergone plastic surgery would be a good subject for "face of the day.")


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