Thursday, September 17, 2009

King Kang

Pop singer Kang In (강인/強仁) of the supersized boy band Super Junior, has been booked by police in Kangnam Ward (Gangnam) after a violent altercation. Kang insists he was an innocent victim, but police say he was involved in the fighting that went on.

Super Junior is billed as the largest boy band in the world. With 13,452 members, it was a statistical inevitability that at least one of them would eventually get arrested for violent behavior. Sorry it had to be you, Kang.

Many K-bloggers are shocked by the news, having long convinced themselves that all boy band members are gay and that they follow flaming girlie-man stereotypes commonly held in the West. How could this happen?

[photo: Yeah, that outfit is pretty gay. When will male celebrities in Korea rise up against they tyranny of the 코디?]

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  1. i thought it was great how with so many members in super junior they even have a fat one nobody likes

    even 소녀시대 doesn't have that!


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