Tuesday, September 22, 2009

South Korea's shift to the right

The Los Angeles Times has a piece on the ROK's rightward shift.

No, not that political shift that swept Lee Myungbak into office after five years of leftist mismanagement under Roh Moohyun (yeah, I'll get a dig in wherever I can). I'm talking about the change from walk-on-the-left policies supposedly stemming from the Japanese occupation era to a walk-on-the-right that reflects the US-imposed driving culture of the post-liberation era.

Maybe now Koreans will stop bumping into foreigners.


  1. hey man... leftism is cool but koreans do it wrong. i always thought it was weird how whenever i'd cross the international dateline i'd suddenly be one day ahead and radically conservative

  2. Yeah, for all Korea's supposed leftism, it's actually a pretty conservative place.

    I just don't want it to become ideologically conservative. I can get behind some pragmatic conservatism when necessary, being the moderate Democrat that I am.

    Oh, I just noticed that this looks like Seoul Station, my 'hood.


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