Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Festival at University of Pittsburgh marks South Korea's part in G-20 summit

Just thought you might want to know. Story here.


  1. Cool.
    Except for the Steelers' bad running game, this was the biggest story in the area.

    It sounds like an absolute nightmare, and I haven't met a single person in Pittsburgh happy about it. The city is closing down for at least two days. My cousin's office is moving out to some warehouse space about 20 miles north b/c they know there's no way to get into the city. Shops are closed, offices are either closed, moved, or working from home, and the streets in and arond the city will be basically unusable.

    As my uncle said, at first he was happy b/c it would be a chance to show off the city to an influential international audience. But what kind of display is this? Unlike other events, this one won't bring guests and tourists who will spend money at local establishments. It'd be surprising if they even leave the COnvention Center. Moreover, they're bringing in all kinds of protestors who will, no doubt, cause all kinds of damage to a city frequently voted the most liveable in the city.

    The only thing open is the Pirates game, because I guess the dignitaries will be attending. PNC Park is arguably the nicest field in the country, but it's a shame that it houses the worst team. Also a shame that if these dignitaries attend, the 10,000 - 15,000 fans they might attract on a regular night might be shut out for security reasons.

    This was a favor for the mayor's support of Obama during the election. But I feel bad for the people who have to deal with the mess.

    I saw a thing in Yonhap the other day where a guy was saying Korea should host the next one. Hell, let 'em have this one.

  2. I think Korea will host next year.

    Yeah, I guess things like this can be a mess, but it is kinda neat to see your home town get a lot of positive attention in the media. Look at the positives!


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