Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Korea, where even the elephants are misogynist

A forty-eight-year-old woman was at the zoo at Children's Grand Park in eastern Seoul yesterday when, she claims, an elephant used its trunk to throw two fist-sized rocks at her, which knocked her out.

Police are investigating. In addition to looking at surveillance video, the plan is to bring the zoo's two elephants into the station for questioning, interrogating them in separate rooms to see if their stories are consistent.

If the female elephant is responsible, this could be the first case of a South Korean being injured by mad cow. And if they are convicted of violent behavior, these unqualified pachyderms could be deported to India. It's not clear what type of visa they're on, but it's likely to be E-series. Since they're elephants.

[left: Elephant violence is not a new phenomenon.]

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