Friday, September 25, 2009

More green for green

The New York Times is reporting that South Korea topped the rest of the world's twenty largest economies in the percentage of economic stimulus money they spent on green projects.
China came in at #2, but with only half the amount of South Korea:
In order of the percentage of stimulus money committed to environmental projects, South Korea was first with 79 percent; China had 34 percent; Australia, 21 percent; France, 18 percent; Britain, 17 percent; Germany, 13 percent; the United States, 12 percent; South Africa, 11 percent; Mexico, 10 percent; Canada, 8 percent; Spain, 6 percent; Japan, 6 percent; and Italy, 1 percent.
It would be helpful to know what kinds of projects count as "green" projects. Does river beautification count?

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