Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loose change of the day

  1. Should Mt. St. Helens (shown above during March 2005 eruption) become a national park?
  2. Should Tejon Ranch (near Los Angeles) become a state or national park?
  3. Should Maine Woods become a national park?
  4. Should Southern California's chaparral get national park protection?
  5. Proposals for new national parks (in case you haven't detected a theme by now)
  6. BBC pictures of life in North Korea (including a scene from a church!)
  7. Nintendo drops prices on Wii
  8. Common-sense ideas for how to look seven years younger
  9. WaPo op-ed on why health care reform needs to go all-out if you really want to make it work
  10. Notorious English teacher-hating law-talking guy warns foreign buyers of Korean property about an innocuous document that foreign nationals must submit when they get a new home (English-language version of law relating to this)
  11. The Seoul Podcast podcast that links to one of my posts but doesn't appear to talk about that post or any of the other related posts (an interesting podcast nonetheless, with Chris in South Korea as a guest)


  1. No. The "loose change" posts (and expect more of them) are things that are of interest to me that I think would make good posts but I have no time to do them.

    It's quite the opposite of being bored: I run out of time to do all the posts I'd like to, but I still want to be able to present these links for people to look at, on the off chance they are of interest to others as well.

    I'm running on the assumption that regular viewers of this blog fall into two categories: (a) people who find my take on things at least occasionally interesting such that they might find some of these links interesting, and (b) people who trawl my blog for clues as to what sock I must be using elsewhere.


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