Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you think about it, "Korean Kittens" is an odd name for four women from a felinophobic culture

For the three of you who read my blog but don't read The Marmot's Hole, here is a delightful little blast from the past, courtesy of the BBC.

Forty-five years in the past, to be precise, when "the Korean Kittens" covered the Beatles' "Money Can't Buy Me Love" in 1964. (I'm guessing these four women didn't understand the lyrics. In fact, I'm guessing 99.8% of all South Korean women don't understand these lyrics.)

Of course, these kittens are now in the late ajumma stage/early halmŏni era. In fact, I think the one on the far right linebackered her way right in front of me when I was queueing for bus 605 last month.


  1. 30 years ago I worked in a Las Vegas casino with Kitty Fitzgerald who had been one of the Korean Kittens. Do you have any idea what became of her?

  2. No, sir, I do not, but it would be interesting to find out.

    I would strongly suggest you ask the same question on the "Marmot's Hole" link up above. His readership is wider than mine is, and the people who are likely to know are more likely going to be found there, or would more likely know the people who would know.

  3. Oh, and which Las Vegas casino was this at? I have some relatives who were working in some of now-gone establishments back in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

  4. I think they performed at the Aladdin in February, 1971. I met them in 1969 in Okinawa. I was driving through Las Vegas and wanted to see them, but their show didn't start until 9 or 10 PM that night and I had to keep driving.


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