Friday, September 25, 2009

Public service announcement: boobyball

It's not often I can combine my passion for public health issues and my love of boobies, so I relish it whenever I can (HT to LOTD).

Some people, apparently, have expressed offense or dismay at this, though I think they're missing the point. Without being any worse than a typical beer commercial (and thus not upping the ante in terms of pornification), it raises awareness about an issue that kills millions and about which many people prefer not to think.

It doesn't trivialize the issue, no more than the people having the breast cancer runs in their skivvies (I got caught up in one when I was visiting London in 2007 — certainly raised my awareness).

And from a public health perspective, getting partners to understand and talk about things like breast cancer is a good way to provide positive reinforcement. Right now, many men think the biggest health risk associated with women's breasts is poking your eye out.

Now if only I can find an equally salacious PSA for something farther south.

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