Monday, September 28, 2009

News links for September 28, 2009

  1. South Korea's first official school for "multicultural children" expected to open in 2011 (Korea Times)
  2. Light plane crashes into site of Gobal Fair & Festival 2009, killing one of two pilots (WaPo)
  3. Seoul officials say Pyongyang is asking for "reward" for hosting family reunions (WaPo)
  4. Mobile phone rates to be cut 8% (Korea Times)
  5. State-run KEPCO electrical utility to spend 2.8 trillion won on green energy (Reuters)
  6. Hatoyama to visit Seoul on October 9 (Korea Times)
  7. Japan's Kimiko Date Krumm wins Korea Open, her first WTA Tour title in thirteen years making her the oldest WTA winner since Billie Jean King in 1983 (AP)
  8. Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims flock to college dorm after discovery of banana resembling Bodhidharma (UPI)

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