Sunday, November 7, 2010

No battle in Seoulattle

Seoul has adopted a shoot-to-kill policy aimed at
ridding Incheon International Airport of unlicensed taxis.

South Korea has deported a half dozen Philippine activists ahead of the big G20 summit in Seoul.

From AFP:
Six Philippine activists who had planned to take part in alternative meetings that are set to run parallel to the G20 summit in South Korea have been deported from Seoul, their colleagues said Sunday.

All six were put on a flight back to Manila late Saturday after being told by South Korean authorities that they were blacklisted and could not enter the country, the activists said.
Clearly the goal is to keep the peace, and needless to say, the activists are not happy:
"We condemn this unwarranted hostile act of the South Korean government towards Filipino activists," said Judy Pasimio of the Manila-based Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center.

One of those deported, Maria Lorena Macabuag of the group Migrant Forum Asia, said they were only attending a peaceful parallel forum and had not broken any law.

"We were just informed that we were blacklisted by the South Korean government and that we are not allowed to enter Korea," she said in a statement.
Methinks that protesting is a violation of whatever visa they had hoped to use to enter South Korea, but I'm guessing that won't be an acceptable answer to them.

I know some folks in the K-blogosphere will accuse me of being callous about these folks' civil rights, but hey, I've backed off on my earlier insistence that they all be HIV-tested.

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