Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daily Kor for December 3, 2009: Grudge match

Well, if you had any hope that political tension would not be a part of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in a couple months, you're going to be about as happy as a North Korean cadre with a mattress full of KPW. South Korea will be going head to head not just with one, not two, but three countries with whom past sporting events have turned a bit ugly. Not quite European hooligan ugly, but embarrassing-yourself-because-you-can't-grasp-that-it's-just-a-game ugly. South Korea is in Pot 2 with the US, Japan, and North Korea. Oh, joy.
  1. At least one person is dead, two are critically wounded, and sixty injured in explosion during test of gun at a South Korea's Agency for Defense Development (ADD) in P'och'ŏn [Pocheon] (Reuters, BBC, Yonhap)
  2. North Korea imposes curfew as currency swap gets underway (WSJ, Joongang Daily, Chosun Ilbo)
  3. South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myunghwan says Seoul is unwilling to accept any peace treaty adopted between Washington and Pyongyang, calling the tactic a diversion from nuke issue (Xinhua, Korea Herald)
  4. Rescued North Korean soldier returned to the DPRK via DMZ (AP via WaPo, Joongang Daily)
  5. Group of activists and North Korean defectors to fly to Hague to petition International Criminal Court to investigate human rights abuses in North Korea and put Kim Jong-il on trial (CNBC)
  6. Governor of South Ch'ungch'ŏng Province resigns to protest President Lee Myungbak's decision to change plans for Sejong City, located in the midland province (Yonhap)
  7. ROK National Assembly calls for one-month extension of term after missing budget deadline (Reuters)
  8. No end in sight for rail strike as business leaders ask railway workers to come back to their jobs (UPI)
  9. South Korea lumped in Pot 2 at 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, against the US, Mexico, Honduras, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and North Korea (NYT, WaPo)
  10. US Ambassador to South Korea Kathleen Stephens lays out Washington's goals ahead of envoy Stephen Bosworth's talks with Pyongyang (Yonhap)
  11. Korea Telecom to discontinue landline service to businesses (Korea Times)
  12. Incheon International Airport IPO to be offered in 2010, providing 15% stake in airport (Reuters)
  13. OECD report: South Korean army "still gayest military in the world" (Chicago Tribune)


  1. Kushibo, I'm surprised you didn't use that NKorean soldiers picture to prove that NK has an even "gay-er" military than the ROK.

  2. Wait a minute, I noticed you used a slightly different pic than the one on KT. They had one where the solder had his arm around the other one.

  3. Kushibo, I'm surprised you didn't use that NKorean soldiers picture to prove that NK has an even "gay-er" military than the ROK.

    Hmm... I saw the arm grab as kind of ominous. Like "you're coming with me" kinda thing. Seriously, I'm worried for the guy's future. He's been tainted, like the little kid in the movie The Ruins.

    Anyway, the last story is generally chosen ahead of time, irrespective of what's in the paper that day.


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