Monday, July 6, 2009

34 minutes

Over at Marmot's Hole, Gerry writes:
That was one of the most boring videos I have ever seen, and Goldberg’s thought fillers were trying me crazy. I want that 34 minutes of my life, Robert. NOW!
Nah, Gerry. You'd just waste it on Tokto.

And speaking of Gerry and Tokto/Dokdo, it seems he's been cribbing one of my posts, turning it into a joke of sorts. Go look at this July 2008 post of mine and then read this June 2009 post of Gerry's:
독도가슴 (Dokdo breasts) – jagged, uneven breasts covered with bird droppings
새똥으로 덮인 들죽날죽하고 울퉁불퉁한 가슴
Well, I guess he did attempt to enhance it by adding new content, his imagining the breasts covered in bird sh¡t. Sure it's borderline misogynist, but that might play with some crowds. Maybe I should just consider this an homage. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, are four minutes of your life that you won't get back. Sorry.

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