Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good news for Samsung and LG

[above: The bigger the television, the less likely you're kids will try to talk to you.]

Giant-screen televisions the size of a whole wall in your dorm room back in college are helping to brighten the retail picture:
Shelling out hundreds of dollars on a television is hardly wallet-friendly, but LCD and plasma sets have been flying off the shelves all year, with some retailers saying TV sales are better now than they were during the holiday season.

Retail experts say the boob-tube boomlet stems in part from dramatic price-slashing by retailers that are trying to undercut the competition and need to move merchandise to make room for newer, snazzier models. The recent transition by broadcast stations to digital signals also brought out droves of shoppers who used the deadline as motivation to replace their outdated analog TVs.

But there's also a recession twist: Some industry watchers say that people are upgrading their TVs because they're spending more time at home during the economic downturn.
If I didn't live in a 2.1 meter by 4.2 meter cell, I'd think of buying one myself. Maybe I'll get one for my apartment back in Korea, assuming prices have come down since 2006.

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  1. Buy them in the states where electronics are cheaper as South Korea's isolation jacks up the prices for the locals. They can't drive to Japan or China from here.


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