Sunday, July 26, 2009

Noryangjin fish market

Some time ago (last week? two weeks ago? Time is a blur to me), I went with Daniel of Seoul Eats and two of his buddies to Noryangjin fish market. I was on a mission to re-enact a meal of maguro-over-rice I'd had with some relatives in Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market a few years back. 

Noryangjin is smaller in scale than Tsukiji, but it is still the same type of place: lots of fresh fish being unloaded, and then prepared and sold to numerous restaurants across the capital area (and beyond?). Lots of guts flying, and loads of things to make the squeamish squirm. As soon as I can figure out what's wrong with my SD card, I'll download a whole photo stream and add some narrative. 

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