Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kim Jong-il's grandson spotted at Rain concert

It's on Fox News, so it must be true. [UPDATE: The Korea Times also has it, so it must really really be true.] 

This purportedly happened in Macau, where the fourteen-year-old was with four South Korean buddies. The kid is the son of prodigal son Kim Jong-nam, a man who seems hell-bent on pissing off his dad, so this report may mean nothing except that the global media has decided to make Kim Jong-il and his brood the new Michael Jackson, who himself was the new Princess Diana. Perhaps it's a good thing that the paparazzi's ability to literally hound famous people to death is being directed at the Dear Leader. 

Seriously, though, given Kim Jong-nam's status as on the outs with his family, it's not clear if this really is of any substance at all, except to demonstrate how obsessed with North Korea some western media has become. 

The boy's father paid $1400 for the tickets to see 비 — and that to me is the most shocking thing in the article. I hope they were Hong Kong dollars.

[left: "Bi" was once short for "biracial relationship with bisexual Megan Fox," but now it can mean "bi-Korean friendship." Really, who was the genius who told him to Romanize his name as "Bi"? "Pi" would have been better, or "Bee," but probably not "Pee."]

[below: Justin Timberlake, also known as "The American Bi." His status as the US counterpart to Rain contractually obligates him to pose for hundreds of photos each week with his shirt off. Oh, and let me be the first to say: "Photoshop!" Oh, and please excuse the blog while I try to shift to an entirely different dynamic of young, heterosexual women.]


  1. Justin Timberlake IS NOT anybody's counterpart!!!

    okay, that's just the die-hard fan in me..

    but seriously, i have watched ONE "Rain" performance, i would say it (rather he) doesn't measure up. Maybe i ought to watch again, and closely. i seriously doubt that he can falsetto his way to stardom.

    maybe he should just go out with Megan Fox.

  2. Actually Bi is the Korean word for Rain.

  3. Oh, I definitely know that. But since it looks exactly like the English slang term "bi," it's quite unfortunate a moniker for someone trying to project a supercharged masculine (and presumably heterosexual) image.

    Or maybe I'm wrong about that. Rain, are you trying to tell us something?

  4. Mrs Reijene, did you also watch a Justin Timberlake performance?

    What I mean to say is that, for a proper comparison, you need to see them both perform in person. I guess. Well, I'm giving you an excuse to spend money on going to concerts.

  5. please don't call me mrs... i retained my single name =P

    put it this way: JT had been famous in the international music industry for over a decade now. From his mickey mouse days, to Nsync, and finally venturing on his own.

    And Rain? performance-wise, he's the doppelganger. i have not seen him do anything quite original.

  6. The "Mrs" is for my sake, Reijene. Every time I see that avatar of your lovely hands, I have to remind myself, "She's married, you idiot! She's married!" This also involves hitting myself hard in the skull.

  7. Well, if Rain hasn't already gone out with Megan Fox after what she supposedly said to a reporter, then he's already waited too long. Offer probably expired. Your loss, bi...I mean, Rain. If I heard Megan Fox say that she wanted to meet me, I'd drop any hot groupie girl I was with and have my agent hook it up ASAP!


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