Thursday, July 16, 2009

A first?

I think this may be the first ever post written and sent from an iPhone in Korea. At least on Blogger. I'm running with that until proven wrong.


  1. are you on a solo euna lee/laura ling rescue mission?

  2. Yeah, that's how I'd like to spend my summer vacation.

    Y'know, if I were sent on a Lee-Ling rescue mission, those two would be begging to be sent back to the clutching embrace of the Dear Leader.

    The last few times I've had to help somebody with something like, say, getting out of legal hot water for having been arrested for smoking pot in Korea, I worked my darnedest to help these friends of a friend of a friend get the help they needed to avoid jail time. Yet I could not help interjecting — about once every three to five minutes — "How could you have been so fu¢king stupid?!"

    I think I would end up being about as ungracious with the Wonder Twins as well.

  3. I forgot that about seven months ago I signed up for Google Analytics. I generally don't use it, and just look at sitemeter, but I decided to take a peek today and was surprised to learn that 0.2% of visitors to my site arrived there via P(lay)S(tation)P(I dunno) or iPhone. I didn't know people were that dedicated. Or, were those "people" all you?

  4. Play Station Plus?

    Well, the PSP is definitely not me. In Hawaii and California I do web surf on the iPhone, with a fair amount of that being blog-checking, but if you are getting 500 or 1000 hits a day, 0.2% would be 1 hit per day or 2 hits per day, and I don't think I do it that frequently. It could be me and someone else. Does it say a location?


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