Monday, July 20, 2009

Um, nice flowers

Any excuse to put up pictures of 전지현...

I will say that I particularly like this look. Whether Asians or Caucasians, etc., I am especially partial to the light skin and dark hair look. But considering the strategically placed flora on the dress in the first picture, I might be a tad embarrassed to take Miss Chŏn out to a nice restaurant wearing that. Or am I just a lascivious pyŏntae


  1. high end fashion. those dresses won't be seen in public, unless tweaked so that it'd look more consumer-friendly.

    i think that is the best au-couture Korea will ever have (rolling eyes).

  2. plastic surgery is prevalent nowadays in korea, so i can never trust their appearance

    do you know if that's her real face?

  3. Jeon Ji-hyun has never had plastic surgery, but those pictures look edited. Western mags do it, too, rendering familiar faces like those of Kate Winslett almost unrecognizable. Recent candid shots of David Beckham in swim briefs elicited sniggers from Daily Mail readers, who wondered what happened to those beefy pecs and biceps David was sporting in the Armani ads he posed for with his wife.

    I have to laugh when men drool over glamor shots like these of Jeon Ji-hyun because they've been edited to the point of creating a fictitious person who doesn't really exist.

  4. "...familiar faces like that of Kate Winslett..."

  5. I don't know, Sonagi. Yeah, I can imagine some airbrushing and what-not, but she still looks enough like the 전지현 in 엽기적인 그녀 and other films. She's uber cute, with or without the touch ups.

  6. She is very attractive in real-life, her natural beauty rarely covered by heavy makeup. In these photos, though, there's more than just makeup. Her facial structure looks different. I suspect a bit of re-angling was done with the nose and the jawline. Her eyes may have been enlarged, too. Attractive Western actresses and models get virtual plastic surgery, too, including alterations of facial structure and eye brightening and enlarging.


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