Sunday, July 26, 2009

Name that spot

This location is a household name. I spent quite a while traipsing through this area but saw no more than four people (two groups of two) over the course of an hour, despite the relative ease of getting to this place. Depending on how much you get around, the answer may surprise you.

An early preview of fall foliage. That peach-colored thing is a 'shroom. 


  1. I'm disappointed that nobody even tried to guess.

    This is all in central Seoul, specifically the southern slope of Namsan. There's a "wilderness area" there (which I shall blog later), that is only a few hundred meters wide but nearly a kilometer long.

    It's off the paved road, but it's easy to get to from the tower itself or from the entrance of the park near the two libraries and the An Chunggŭn (안중근) Memorial.

  2. Sorry, I didn't guess, but I don't get out of my dong here very often and up to the megapolis that is Seoul.


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