Monday, July 27, 2009

Coffee Bean Korea sucks

In the twelve months I've been gone, CB has dramatically expanded in Seoul. They seem almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks and McD's. That's good, since I love their vanilla lattes.

But what's bad is that they've systematically removed or covered each electrical outlet in their shops! Where am I supposed to go and spend four or five hours at a sitting doing work and blogging to avoid doing work?!

CB Korea, you now officially suck. CB Hawaii, however, still rocks.


  1. I have better luck with outlets with the smaller franchises Like Rosebud/Holly's, but usually there is no WIFI.

  2. is that your way of showing us your Nikon D60? :)cool..

  3. I don't mind having no wi-fi. There are certain work-related things I have to where it's better not to have a distraction. I can easily take what is supposed to be a ten-minute break where I fall down a marmot's hole for three or four hours, or I find myself producing ten or fifteen blog posts in one day.

    Maybe I should hang out at Holly's more then.

    @arvinsign... inadvertently, yes. The picture was taken with my iPhone.


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