Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clinton to give North Korea a time-out

That's right, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has likened Pyongyang's leadership to "unruly children." 

And knowing the Dear Leader's fondness for aging blondes, I think he may take her up on any offer for North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons program in exchange for direct talks, just so he can get a spankin'. He been a bad, bad boy. 

For those of you readers eating dinner right this moment, my apologies for the following mental image, but I'm pretty sure that as Kim Jong-il is reading this post (according to SiteMeter, someone from Pyongyang visits Monster Island every day), he's probably already got his belt loosened and he's dropping his Dear Leaderhosen, so he can practice sticking out his tushy in front of the giant mirror on the west wall of the Chamber of Enlightened Brilliance. 

Tip for Hillary: Stroke damage probably means he has more feeling in his right buttock. Use that information as you see fit.

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