Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here's to you, Mr Robinson

There have been a couple of updates on Matt Robinson, the subject of this post (and the concomitant fundraising). Last week, the Korea Times said he had returned to Ohio to get treatment there (and, presumably, to be closer to his family). 

In Tuesday's paper (which I just saw today, while flying on an airplane), he is reportedly doing well after his latest round of follow-up surgeries:
He has been released from Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, after being admitted for another round of necessary follow-up procedures to treatment he received in a Korean hospital to repair damaged tissue in his lower body ― surgery that was ultimately life-saving.

His friend, Sara Moore, who visited him this week at the clinic, said, ``He was in excellent spirits and seemed well taken care of. He is looking forward to being able to leave the hospital soon, but he will still be in and out for more surgeries and follow ups."

Robinson hopes to return to Korea after he is fully recovered to thank those who contributed to the fund set up to help pay for his treatment.
The Korea Herald has also had some articles, such as news of a fundraiser in mid-June, but they make it so darned hard to link anything that's not in their daily news roundup email. Bastards!

There are more surgeries ahead, so godspeed, Mr Robinson. And people — foreign or Korean — who donated money or time deserve something of a pat on the back for helping out someone who to most was a total stranger, despite the criticisms of some that Matt had brought this on himself by letting his insurance lapse or not purchasing traveler's insurance (as if that would have covered a pre-existing condition). That sense of community and cooperation from those who cared can be valuable in the future and perhaps should be fostered and developed. 

(And while I'm at it, I'd forgotten how different reading the newsprint edition of the KT or KH is from viewing the paper online.) 

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