Thursday, July 2, 2009

And amidst all the political crap, North Koreans are running out of food

So says the World Food Programme, courtesy of the BBC:
The World Food Programme's director for North Korea said the agency was unable to reach millions of North Koreans due to a shortfall in funding.

The director, Torben Due, said the WFP had received no new donations for North Korea since Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test in May.

He also said Pyongyang had barred the WFP from using Korean-speaking staff.

North Korea had given no reason for that decision, he added.

Mr Due told reporters in Beijing that the WFP had received only 15% of an international appeal for $504m (£306m) and had to cut back plans to provide food aid to 6.2 million North Koreans to 2.27 million.
So other nations don't want to donate anything to a country that spends billions for a rogue nuclear program, not even food aid. Go figure.

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