Friday, July 3, 2009


Extra! Korea wrote:
What does plagiarism have to do with the price of fish in Germany?
And on the same day Metropolitician wrote:
Sure, but what does that have to do with the price of fresh halibut in Nebraska?
... which makes me wonder: Are EK and Metro the same person?

I was kidding, of course, but it was an odd coincidence.

Someone who has it in for me at Seoul Podcast took this a bit too seriously (check a little past the halfway mark). It was a joke, triggered for no other reason than the odd coincidence of two people using a variation of this not-so-common expression. And y'know, for someone who seems to dislike me so much and thinks I'm such a reprehensible person (he referred to me as one who "goes by many socks," which is a falsehood), he sure does pay a lot of attention to my blog. If that's the way you feel, why even bother highlighting my blog? Why even have me in the newsfeed?

Whoever was interviewing Metropolitician provided no context whatsoever and just said Kushibo says you're Extra! Korea. Metropolitician's answer? "He says I am, so maybe I am." Well, I was joking, but now I'm starting to be convinced. ㅋㅋㅋ Ah, I'm still joking.

I actually took issue with the way ZenKimchi (?) was disparaging me and making bogus claims about me in that podcast, not once or twice but every time he brought up my blog, so I went to that post and left a comment asking for clarification of the things I was being accused of. While other comments have since been okayed (it's a moderated site), mine have never made it through, not even a week later.

So at the Seoul Podcast it's apparently okay to trash people and then not give them a forum to respond. Nice. Stay classy, Seoul Podcast.

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