Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wendy Williams and The Wonder Girls bridge Korean-Black divide

[above: The Wonder Girls show off the gun-pointing pose they learned during their stay in New York City, much to the amusement of Wendy and the twins.]

International pop sensations The Wonder Girls have made their American television debut on the Wendy Williams Show. The show will no doubt go into the annals of pop music events, along with the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show

For her next stop on the "Feel the vibe from here to Asia, dip trip flip fantasia" tour, Wendy Williams will invite the Gosperats (above) and The Bubble Sisters (below).

[HT to Brian in Chŏllanam-do, which is where I get all my The Wonder Girls news]


  1. You can no longer say, "I have never written a post about the Wonder Girls."

  2. D'oh!

    Actually, I thought of this as more like writing about all the writing about The Wonder Girls.

    Oh, well. On the plus side, I'll watch the blog hits roll in. Today I'm at 275 per day, down from a recent high of 400 last week, so we'll see if that goes up.

  3. "On the plus side, I'll watch the blog hits roll in."

    Tell me about it. You would not believe the increase in traffic that I got from this post.


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