Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama finds a quarter on the sidewalk*

That's right. He was most definitely not checking out any part of that sixteen-year-old Brazilian walking past.

I used to be engaged to someone who appreciated the fact that I could walk down the street and not turn my head at all when someone she herself noticed would walk by. Knowing how jealous and insecure she was sometimes, I made it second nature when walking anywhere with her — particularly in Myŏngdong, where she liked to have me take her — to lock my neck in the upright position and not turn my head at all. 

Not one iota. I looked at no face, no butt, no chest, no midriff of anyone butt my beloved... er, but my beloved (and she did have a cute hiney and a nice, firm tummy... but I digress). 

She might have guessed I was secretly developing mad peripheral vision skills, but ultimately, I think she appreciated the effort. 

* Alternate snark-ridden title for this post: Barack considers getting a Brazilian (or, more snarkily, considers getting a Brazilian waxed)


  1. context is everything - context one, in the FULL video clip you see him actually checking the step to help down a young lady next to him; context two, all us ladies know the men will look, hey, we look at a nice firm tush or abs or even (gasp) a decent package in tight jeans, so as long as it is look and no touch, what harm?; context three, any picture can tell any story you want - for instance, he might be thinking that he should have a talk with her parents, because what decent young girl goes out dressed like THAT!

  2. Jeez, Obama tries to be nice and the paparazzi distort the whole thing (thanks in part to the dirty smirk of Sarkozy..which I don't know what he was smiling about). Why would Obama even want to check her out in the first place? Ok..her butt is not bad, but come on....she's not even wearing heels (a requirement to look sexy in clothes) and did you see her ugly hair and unattractive (my opinion)face in the video? Please...Obama has seen much better ass than that.


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