Saturday, July 4, 2009

South Korea to spend 200 billion won on H1N1 vaccine

According to Yonhap, authorities will spend 200 billion won (currently $157 million) to develop a vaccine — no country has yet developed one that is demonstrated as safe for the general public — and then to stockpile whatever vaccine is produced to treat 13 million people, which is 27% of the population. 

Meanwhile, an elementary school in Chŏnju, North Chŏlla Province, has been closed since a sixth grader contracted so-called "swine flu" during a trip to Australia. 

WHO has not raised its official stats of H1N1 infection totals from 202, but the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs says the total has jumped to 238. 

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  1. Kushibo, do you have info as to the breakdown of where all this money is going? I supposed part of it will go to research, and thats cool.


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