Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cinemash does Oldboy

This whole Cinemash thing looks like it might be fun. I'm especially looking forward to Milo Ventimiglia (of NBC's "Heroes") in his rendition of Oldboy:
"Part of me was excited because I really did love 'Oldboy' -- it's an incredibly artistic, beautiful, terrifying revenge movie that will break your heart and uplift you -- but another part of me was interested in the challenge of what that fight actually entailed. Go on YouTube and type 'Oldboy epic fight' and that's what we basically shot. It's pretty incredible."

Ventimiglia estimates there were 78 moves to learn in about 45 minutes of rehearsal, all to be executed in one continuous take (shot three times) -- with the twist of venting populist anger on bankers profiting from the federal bailouts.
Cool. The Los Angeles Times in the upper link also mentions Charlyne Yi, a quarter-Korean comic who was in Knocked Up. She'll be part of a mock rendition of Dirty Dancing

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