Saturday, September 12, 2009

bar graph of blog visits

Okay, more boring blog stuff. A comment on the 100,000th visitor milestone post by The Sanity Inspector (who has several good blogs here, here, here, and here) inspired me to put up a little more data. Again, things that may be of interest only to me.

Before I went into retirement and came to Hawaii, I was usually in the range of 100 to 150 hits a day. During that retirement period, before I started blogging again in earnest in the latter half of 2008, I still averaged from 20 to 30 hits a day, mostly from Google searches and from people following old K-blog links or Wikipedia links, especially to the Korea-versus-Corea post.

When I started posting on my blog, I believe the fresh activity prompted Google to move my blog further up the ladder in web and image searches, which led to more hits. My comments on other favorite blogs like Brian in Jeollanamdo or KoreaBeat, even when I didn't leave a link back to my blog, led to more and more hits. One Free Korea, a must-read blog for anyone who is interested in North Korean human rights, also produces a lot of hits.

The huge jump in March 2009 is partly explained by The Marmot putting my once-dormant blog back on his K-blog aggregator. I get a fair number of hits from being in the blog roll of sites like ZenKimchi, Mississippi 2 Korea, Extra! Korea, Ask The Expat, and others (apologies if I'm missing anyone).

If things keep up, by maintaining my average of over 8000 per month, I could hit 200,000 by next September. But the real question is what can I do to hit one million? The answer may lie in my plan for 독도뉴드s.

The 200,000th hit came months earlier, at the end of May 2010.

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  1. The number of hits you get per day is reflective of nothing besides the number of people who visit your site that day.

    I check my sitemeter every day, just to see where people are coming from and if there are any fires burning on other sites I need to put out. If it weren't for sitemeter, I wouldn't have known that somebody had posted a bunch of crap about me on his blog and Agora and sent the netizens after me in June, 2008.

    I'm pleased that most of my hits come from google searches, from people searching either for my blog or for information related to Korea. Very few people are looking for sex stuff, or porn, or pop culture crap. But, my busiest days have been when I've covered pop culture news . . . I think the day with the most number of hits was when I was the first English-language site to write about that Boys Over Flowers suicide, and any time I write about pop culture or somebody's music video, the hits always go up. Likewise, anything Korea-related I write about goes to the top of the Google rankings, so if I did nothing but cover pop culture, porn, and breaking news, I'd have loads more hits. However, that's kind of cheating, and I'd rather stay true to myself. That's shown me, though, that there's a limit to how many in-country readers you can get, and the increase in hits I've had since about March has been in large part to a lot of links from Japan Probe and the occassional link from a stateside blog.

    A good reflection of how many regular readers you have is the number of subscribers. Personally I use Google Reader, which tells me I have 370. Marmot has 593 :( Those readers won't show up on sitemeter unless they click through to your site, so that can throw off your numbers right there.

  2. @Kushibo I am sure that those other guys send you a lot more hits!

    @Brian I actually never knew that I could check that on Google Reader. I have been using it for over a year now and just saw the show details link.

  3. I checked, and I have only 42. I think this is a feature that's only been around for a while, though, otherwise I think I would have had at least a few dozen more from before off-to-Hawaii retirement.

  4. JR, they do send more hits, but yours (Mississippi2Korea) does send a steady stream. At minimum, several dozen a week, I'd say.

    Extra!Korea has been sending a lot in relation to the thing I wrote about Park Jaebum. Apparently he gets a number of hits to his blog that aren't always reflected in the number of comments.


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