Tuesday, September 1, 2009

California in seriously bad shape

The hits just keep on coming.

California is seriously, massively, epically in debt. $24.3 billion budget gap, to be precise.

This is a colossal amount of money, prompting the state and counties to cut off services to orphans and pregnant mothers.

Just to put that number in perspective, if you were to take thirteen Kangnam-area apartments and place them end to end, they would cost $24.3 billion. It's so bad that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has started auctioning off most of the stuff owned by the state government in Sacramento.

To help move things along, the Gubernator has been signing things to artificially boost their value. So if you always wanted a percolator signed by the Terminator, now's your chance.

Oh, and before I forget: Now half the state is on fire. Am I alone in wondering if Arnie didn't decide to burn the place down and collect on the insurance? If so, he should stop watching "Weeds."

[above: No, this is not a movie.]

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  1. I own a condo in South Pasadena that I rent out. My sister lives nearby and I call her to tell her how worried I am about her!... and I ask her to check out my condo... ;)


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