Friday, September 11, 2009

David Brooks on "fever swamp"

While discussing the sometimes hysterical opposition by a few conservatives over President Barack Hussein Obama's speech to school kids at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, (with the message "stay in school") because they thought he would be furthering Obama's Socialist Agenda™, David Brooks said the following on "Newshour":
There is a fever swamp problem. And I happen to think it is a small minority of people on the right being blown out of the proportion by the media, frankly. But it is a problem that you have what you might call the "death panel conservatives," who are — who have decided that Barack Obama is the second coming of Karl Marx and Engels. And he's totally inappropriate for the American context.

And that fever swamp part of the right is a problem for conservatives, most of all.
Make no mistake, there are people on the left who are enantiomers of these nutjobs, but I thought this was a good way of describing the problem, and from someone on the right.

Sarah Palin's "death panel" rhetoric may resonate well with this crowd. Indeed, perhaps she has already found her stride. Maybe in 2012, when she runs for the Republican nomination, we'll see how accurate David Brooks is about the "death panel conservatives" and their minority status within the GOP.

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