Friday, September 11, 2009

hot pockets

The father of the late Steve Irwin is urging China not to import Australia's national icon to use for food.

Just how much meat can you get from Crocodile Dundee, you ask? No, no. Not that national icon. I'm talking about kangaroos.

Apparently after Russia barred kangaroo kogi, Australia's kangaroo ranchers (I have no idea what they'd be called) have been courting the Chinese.

Said the father of the Crocodile Hunter: "We wouldn't eat your pandas, so please don't eat our kangaroos. Come and see them."

[above: The potential to disastrously deplete kangaroo stocks is not the only reason for opposition to exporting them to China for food. Kangaroos are highly intelligent creatures capable of forming emotional attachments, exhibiting complex social behaviors, and performing interpretive dance.]


  1. Roo meat is good.

    If it can move and it's not toxic... go ahead and try to eat it.

    Dolphin tastes like tuna!.. >:)

  2. Let me guess, growing up you thought "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" belonged on the Food Channel?

  3. Mutual of Omaha? I barely remember that! How old ARE you???


  4. Hey, now. MoOWC ran until 1988! And throughout the 1980s I think it was in reruns or something (it seemed to be on every day and my older brother loved that program).

    I'm a Gen-Xer, born when Ronald Reagan was in office (in Sacramento, that is).


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